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Title: Guild Information and Class Need (READ FIRST!) - Updated 05/20/2022
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Valhallah is a current-content raiding guild on the Firiona Vie server. The guild was created in late 2013 and has since finished with a "top 10" ranking for every expansion since the release of Empires of Kunark in 2016. Most notably, this includes our third-place finish ( in The Burning Lands! Through conquering Mearatas, the expansion's incredibly trying and highly contested end-game encounter, we are extremely proud to have our name placed aside some of the most storied and successful raiding guilds in EverQuest's history!

In short, Valhallah is home to some of the best players on the Firiona Vie server, and if you'd like to experience EverQuest and all it has to offer while being part of a team that is focused, time-efficient, dedicated, and driven, please continue reading below! If we sound like something you'd be interested in, the following information will tell you about the guild and how to contact a member of leadership to complete your application!

Best of luck, and we look forward to seeing you in Norrath!

General Information

Loot Policy

Applicant Requirements and Recommendations

** If you do not or can not meet any one of the conditions listed below, please contact a member of leadership before filling out an application.

Valhallah Class Need

The Application Process

How To Apply

Thank you for reading, and best of luck!