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February 29, 2024, 01:21:21 PM

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Sooo, uuuhhhh... heh. You see, what had happened was... well, I just suck at updates!

The post directly underneath this one is announcing our fourth annual giveaway, and since Claws of Veeshan was rather uneventful (and because I just suck), subsequent updates continued to get pushed to the side. Sprinkle in a little bit of procrastination, and here were are announcing our Fifth Annual Holiday Giveaway taking place on Friday, December 17 at 8:30PM Eastern (click here for time conversions)! Meet us at the Arena stone in Plane of Knowledge, and help spread the word to help us spread the cheer!

In keeping with tradition, we'll be giving away a sizeable chunk of Krono and raid gear (mostly from CoV!). Players from all servers are welcome since all items are tradeable and therefore have a platinum/Krono value! As a reminder, Elvish is the "common tongue" of the server, so please make sure you max-out your character's language skill in order to communicate throughout the event! This giveaway will continue on the EQ Forums, so make sure to give this thread a visit, too!

In closing, I suppose we should also mention that EverQuest's next installment, Terror of Luclin, is going live on December 7, 2021! We're always looking for dependable, competitive, and knowledgeable players, so please check out our recruitment section to see if what we do and what we're about tickles your fancy!

Happy Holidays from Valhallah!